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Seed & Nuts Organic vs. Non-Organic

Seeds & Nuts Organic vs. Non-Organic

I was wondering why, no matter which brand of organic walnuts or almonds I bought, they all tasted so flat and dry, like wood. I don't eat wood, but I imagine that is what it tastes like. Flavorless and bland. I discovered that the raw nuts I was buying were all pasteurized. (Either with hot steam, which depletes the nutrients and flavor out of them or they get soaked in a chemical bath. While searching for the best place to buy organic nuts to make my organic energy bars, I came across this article! I believe, there are no accidents. I dove into whatever I could find on exactly how and what method is used to debug our nut supply here in the USA. I chose the following article to share with you. I think it says it all.

Nuts and Seeds Organic vs Non Organic (Posted on by Jean Sumner)

Endosulfan - Wikipedia

which is a highly toxic to humans and animals.

Purchase organic cashews! Pistachios may be treated with phosmet.

Phosmet - Wikipedia:

Cornell University completed a study that indicates phosmet causes liver tumors and carcinoma

There are many more articles online about the poison being used to "clean" the nuts. If stream is used it depletes the nutritional value of the nuts. So basically, you can pick your poison, As for me, I choose to find an organic family owned farm or business that sells Organic, Unpasteurized, raw nuts. I currently buy from Terrasoul Superfoods. Read their story on their website and decide for yourself. I found their prices to be better than the store prices. You do have to buy larger quantity to receive the best price, but if you use a lot of nuts, they are worth it. Organic, Non-Gmo, Unpasteurized, raw.....I'm in This information was taken from their website.

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