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How Celery Juice Helps Heal Eye Problems

The following statement was taken from Anthony Williams, (The medical medium) blog: How Celery Juice Helps Heal Eye Problems Do you or does someone you know have an eye problem such as cataracts, color blindness, congenital eye defects, conjuctivitis (pink eye, corneal disease, diabetic retinopathy, dry eye syndrome, eye floaters, low vision, macular degeneration, or optic nerve atrophy? The true causes of these conditions are a mystery to medical research and science but there are real answers for you here Celery juice is one of the most powerful foods for vision and restoration of the eyes. In this area, it equals and even surpasses the wild blueberry, which is the only other food on Planet Earth that has the power to protect your eyes to this degree. Wild blueberries help the eyes because of their antioxidants. With celery juice, one reason why it's healing people is that it helps remove toxic copper from the body. Sodium cluster salts contain trace minerals that are critical for the eyes, including trace zinc and trace copper. The trace mineral zinc shuts down any kind of viral activity around and inside the eye, even along the optic nerve, while the trace mineral copper binds onto toxic copper and helps loosen and dislodge it so it floats out of the eye, into the bloodstream, and eventually out of the body. The trace zinc also helps interrupt reactions of mercury and aluminum that lead to corrosion and degenerative eye disease. Vitamin C from celery juice enters the eye hitched on to the sodium cluster salts. While the cluster salts help renew and restore eye tissue, vitamin C can enter cells with them. Almost anyone with any eye problem of any kind has a deficiency in vitamin C because almost anyone with an eye problem has a liver problem. A liver that's sluggish, stagnant, overburdened, or dysfunctional means that it's unable to customize the vitamin C that enters it, unable to methylate it properly to make it more bioavailable and accessible for the rest of the body. Celery juice's vitamin C provides an instant infusion for the eye cells, sustaining them and helping them reverse or at least halt the advance of disease. Neurons in the brain that send signals to the optic nerve also rely on celery juice's sodium cluster salts because of the improvement to neurotransmitters that they bring. This alone can assist with a multitude of eye symptoms, from basic to extreme." To read the true cause of the specific eye problems below, and how celery juice helps each unique condition, read Medical Medium Celery Juice. by Anthony Williams

My personal Journey with Celery Juice:

I had developed red burning feet which would intensify at night time. I have no idea what has caused it. It could be from so many different things.I am not willing to go through a battery of tests and medication to try to fix this problem. I am a firm believer of "Trust your gut instinct." My instinct was to start drinking 16 oz. fresh organic celery juice every morning on an empty stomach. I just wanted to fix my burning skin on my feet. I read that skin regeneates itself every 27 days. I decided to drink celery juice for the next month to see if my feet would heal. I had no idea that celery juice is great for your eyes too! (I found that information on Anthony Williams blog)

In a routine eye exam, it was discovered, (by two eye doctors), I had the very beginning stages of glaoucoma in my left eye (pressure of 21) They confirmed the pressure number and I made an appointment for lasar therapy immediately. There was a two week wait for another specialist. My right eye has been diagnosed with a cataract which will involve surgery to remove it.

When I went back for my laser treatment, the pretreatment exam determined that my pressure had dropped to 17! Of course they attributed the lower number to the pressure flucuating. (It did not drop until after I drank the celery juice faithfully for two weeks.) Siince laser treatment is not invasive nor painful and they were all there waiting for me, I allowed the (in my opinion not necessary) 30 second treatment to be done.

My progress after 3 weeks of Celery juice:

My feet are slowly healing. The burning is considerably lighter. And they went from firey red to dark pink in color.

I have noticed that my energy has dramatically improved, I have not had acid reflux since I started drinking celery juice, my skin looks much healthier and the dark spots on my face are getting lighter.

I have to conclude that something good is happening in my body with the commiment of juicing celery daily.

I will continue to drink this juice and will check back with an update my health to you.

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