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I have a wonderful bug spray made from a mixture of essential oils that has Japanese Beetles jumping off my rose bushes! To my surprise and delight, they would not land on  my roses all summer!

I finally got the Japanese Beetles off  my rose bushes! The first year I planted my Knock Out Rose bushes (more like small trees), they were decimated by Japanese Beetles. I tried Neem Oil to no avail. The Beetles ate every rose on the bushes. There was not one rose left by the middle of August.The next summer, they were back again. My beautiful roses were under attack once again. My roommate is very much into essential oils. I was under the impression those oils were for human use only. Well to my surprise, she mixed a concoction of Lavender, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Spearmint and Oregano oil to which I added Neem Oil, Moringa Oil and Tee Tree oil and we created a spray that totally repels Japanese Beetles! When I sprayed the roses, the Beetles instantly flew off the plants. Because it is oil base, it sticks to the leaves and the roses (no harm to the plant) I noticed that when they would circle around and land back on the plant, they would hop off immediately! I may have sprayed the roses three times all summer. The Beetles were gone and did not return. I had roses until the middle of December! Bug free!!